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Fort Seige Friday 8/13
Aug 12, 10 8:17 PM
Jul 14, 10 3:12 PM
Kind Reminder
Jun 13, 10 5:46 PM
First Fortess
Apr 15, 10 1:30 AM
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Duality is a social/hardcore legion looking for active and experienced players or those willing to learn. We are becoming heavily involved in the abyss, and climbing the ladder quick. Currently, we are selectively recruiting all classes lvls 45+. We are rising to the top, are you coming with us?

Fort Seige Friday 8/13

Sinlainu, Aug 12, 10 8:17 PM.
Check General Discussion for plans for Fort Siege Friday, 8/13 at 8pm and forming up at 7:15 pm est. Be there !


Osifer, Jul 14, 10 3:12 PM.
As you all know, the server merges were pushed back but the day is not near, IT IS HERE!  Servers have been offline all morning and are expected to be back up at 6:00pm EST (who knows if this is actually happening on schedule).  4 servers are merging with Zikel, we'll see how this affects the economy and if it can light a fire up under the asses of the Asmodians. 

Kind Reminder

Osifer, Jun 13, 10 5:46 PM.
Hello everyone, the legion has gone through quite a few changes over the past few months with a lot of new faces.  Do us all a favor, post things in the forums and put a picture of yourself up so that we all get to know you a bit better.

A big shout out to all those who already have posted their thoughts and pics!  Don't forget to submit your weekly contributions to the legion bank.  Sinlainu has reduced the amounts so that it shouldn't take you more than 15-20 mins to gather.  Do your part, keep the legion strong!


First Fortess

vibe15, Apr 15, 10 1:30 AM.
Thank you to all who helped us take Siel Eastern Fortress! Don't worry about what anyone else said, we did nothing wrong. Be proud of yourselves. -Sindri
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